Yoga Cures for Sore Feet and More

Yoga Cures for Sore Feet and More

We pay the price for wearing great looking shoes, late nights out, and even the grind of a tough commute. While the obvious solution might be kicking back on the couch with your feet up or pouring yourself a (second) glass of wine, we have a healthier alternative:

Kathryn Budig, popular yogi at YogaWorks studios in Santa Monica, gave us simple yoga solutions for common JSG problems.

Issue #1: Are your feet sore from those four-inch Louboutins?

“Alleviate the pain of wearing high heels by ascending and descending to chair pose, balancing on the balls of the feet with the arches and heels lifting,” suggests Kathryn. “The pose will help you conquer the discomfort of this season’s soaring heel heights.”

How To Solve:
• Place the feet together and lift both arms parallel to the ground, palms facing down
• Find one point to gaze at and lift up onto the balls of the feet
• Continue to reach the heels away from the ground, creating lift in the arches
• Keep the gaze on one point, heels lifted, and begin to bend the knees
• Keep the belly gently pulling to the spine as the body descends until the bottom lands lightly on the heels
• Take five breaths without placing the heels on the ground and make a slow return back to standing
• Place heels back down

Issue #2: Tired from your taxing commute? (JSG think this would work during a long flight too!)

“Stay calm and peaceful no matter what the roads are like with alternating nostril breath work,” Kathryn recommends. “Concentrating on breathing keeps you from fidgeting and helps you relax.”

How to Solve:
• Begin with a calm pattern of breath in and out through the nose, keeping the mouth closed and relaxed
• Exhale the air out and then on an even count, inhale to the count of eight
• Once you reach eight, retain the breath for the count of eight and then exhale back with slow control through the nose in eight counts
• Repeat this 3-5 times or until the nerves are calmed

Issue #3: Do you need to detox from last night’s (or week’s) revelries?

“Perk up with a heat-inducing chair pose twist, taking the opposite elbow to the bent knee,” says Kathryn. “The pose gets the blood flowing to help flush out built-up toxins.”

How to Solve:
• Begin with the feet together
• Bend the knees, keeping the weight in your heels
• Take your hands into prayer at the heart and revolve the chest so that the left elbow lands onto the right thigh just above the knee
• Press the prayer hands together until the right elbow faces the ceiling
• Lean back to revolve the chest
• Take 5-8 breaths and switch sides

YogaWorks also has studios in LA, NYC, Orange County and San Francisco. They offer group and private classes, workshops and retreats.

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