Westin’s Gear Lending Program

Westin’s Gear Lending Program

Westin NB Gear Lending

Whether you’re on a short trip and don’t want to pack workout clothes or you travel for work but hate lugging your sweaty clothes around, Westin’s new gear lending program is a life-saver. Westin teamed up with New Balance to provide shoes and clothes for a nominal charge during your stay- only $5.

You’ll receive a pair of NB 890V2’s, a moisture wicking performance tee, a sports bra, fitness capris, and a pair of socks that are yours to keep. Westin also has workout videos for your room, upgraded gyms, and maps of running routes in the area. Now more than ever, Westin has made it harder to blow off your workout.

We’ll be staying at a Westin this weekend in DC and will report back on the gear. I’m apprehensive about ¬†wearing a pair of workout shoes after someone; but, hey, I’ve done it for years at the bowling alley. Happy travels!

For more information visit www.westin.com/newbalance


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