Welcome Back Baguette

The uber popular baguette is back and looking better than ever (pictured above is the black classic, available here). We’re not sure if its resurrection is due to the movie release of Sex in the City (remember Samantha bought a fake one out of some guy’s trunk then accused a bunny of stealing it at the Playboy Mansion) or because the baguette had its 10th birthday. When we passed the counter last weekend at Neimans, they were spilling off the counter. We gave the salesperson an eyebrow raise and she said, “I know, Fendi is showing a ton of these this season.”

Our favorite by a long shot is the Moroccan, it comes in ivory and brown and both are fabulous! It’s a little boho; but still timeless. We saw it at Neiman’s or on line here.

For spring and summer, we love this woven baguette with black patent accents. It would coordinate well with the tribal prints that are everywhere. On line here.

Here’s an affordable alternative to the Fendi above. It’s also woven, made of raffia, and really attractive. We love that it is lined in leather. Available from SCOOP BEACH on HSN.

Here’s one we don’t get. The paint yourself (I AM NOT KIDDING!!!) white canvas baguette (that comes with a set of permenent markers- oh yeah) for $1,300. Who values their artistic skills enough to buy this? BTW, if you’re a true artist you couldn’t afford it anyhow.

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