Web Snob February 10th, 2012

Ready for your next pair of jeans? Stiletto Jungle has some denim for your consideration.

Katy Perry has signed her divorce papers…with a smiley face! See it for yourself at Allie is Wired.

You’ll find good use for a tote any time of year, but it’s the summer when the style really comes into play. Findo ut what BagSnob chose for her Top 5 Summer Totes!

Want shampoo that leaves no residue after rinsing? With Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Duo you’ll find your hair so clean, touchable, and easy to manage, without feeling stripped. At BeautySnob.

Coquette dishes all things fashion with the stylish Sasha Charnin Morrison, author of Secrets of Stylists.

The Jet Set Girls share some tasty Valentine’s Day cocktails.

Kate Bosworth’s Chanel chain ankle bootiesseen on the cover of Nylon magazine is still on Shopping and Info’s wishlist for spring 2012..

The Beauty Stop picks the perfect Valentine’s Day manicure.

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