Vegas: How to Have the Best Time!

Vegas: How to Have the Best Time!

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We followed Samara’s adventures in Vegas on Twitter; but that was just a tease. We asked her to guest post this week on how to have an awesome girls’ trip to Vegas. She and her friend Erin gave it up and we LOVE their suggestions and are sure you will too! Better yet, shoot us your faves…
Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2.
That’s Samara and Erin at Blush above looking every part the Vegas vixens.

How to Win Big in Vegas (and we’re not talking about gambling!)

Vegas is the ultimate girls’ getaway — fabulous weather, pools that rival a getaway on a Caribbean beach, elegant spas, and a party scene like no other. We have had such legendary adventures in Vegas, we’ve made a pact to hit Sin City every year. Here are our lucky 7 tips for making the most of your trip!

1) Choose vacation dates carefully.
If you plan on hitting the pools, keep in mind that they close from approximately November – March. The days of the week you choose for your vacation also will influence your nights out in Vegas: many of the hottest clubs are only open Thursday-Sunday.

Monday seems to be the biggest “industry night”, when many of the people who live and work in Vegas head out to the few clubs that are open. (We found this out the hard way last year!) While you may get a more authentic taste of local flavor, you’ll also spend more time and energy trying to get into Jet or Rum Jungle.

Our personal reco: September in Vegas is fabulous. It’s not too hot, but there’s still a strong summer party vibe. And if experiencing Vegas nightlife is at the top of your “to-do” list, plan your trip to include Thursday – Sunday nights.

2) Take advantage of your hotel spa.
Las Vegas offers an unparalleled range of unique spa services you won’t find anywhere else. But even if hot stone massages aren’t your thing, there’s still a reason to keep Vegas spas in mind.

Hotel check-out times seem to get earlier and earlier. So what to do if you need to be out of your hotel room by 11:00 a.m., but your plane doesn’t take off until 6 p.m.? Spend $20 (hotels may vary) for a day pass for the spa at your hotel. You can spend the day at the pool, then take a shower and get ready for your flight. There’s nothing worse than getting on a plane full of sand and chlorine. We headed to RockSpa at The Hard Rock Hotel after a day at the Rehab pool party. It was the best $20 spent on the entire trip!

3) Don’t pay covers!
The male-female ratio in Vegas is obscenely unequal. Clubs want to attract women so that all the packs of men running around the city will come, too.

Translation: Don’t pay cover to get into a club.

There are people whose jobs are centered around making sure you have a good time in Vegas, and that doesn’t include shelling out $30 to get past a velvet rope. Club promoters are paid to pack the clubs — especially with women. There are services that will text you where the hottest parties are that night, and even get you on the guest list.

Even if you’re not Paris Hilton, you can still find a way to get in for free…which brings us to Tip #4….

4) See…And Be Seen…
Even if you have the most delicious hotel room on earth, aside from disco naps or crashing at night, you shouldn’t be there. Toss on a dress and a smile, and walk through your hotel’s casino — and see where it gets you. The odds that you’ll score VIP passes to a club are better than the odds of winning with $20 on red. Room service rocks, but take in your meals at restaurants or poolside. You can’t take advantage of Vegas spoils if no one sees you.

Case in point: We were having breakfast one morning at the pool on our last Vegas trip, and were approached by a club promoter, offering free VIP access to a party at Body English that night. The magic of Vegas – you never know what will happen if you put yourself out there.

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