Vegas for Guys

Vegas for Guys

We’ve been talking about everything in Vegas there is for the girls to do, we thought it was time to get the guys point of view on Vegas. This is from our best single, straight guy friend, who went to Vegas this past summer. We promised not to reveal his name.

Where did you stay in Vegas?
I stayed at the New York, New York. It was a change of pace because I’ve only stayed off-the-strip at the Rio previously.

What did you like and dislike about your hotel? Would you recommend it?
It was cheap and on the strip. I didn’t like the crowds and Disneyland-factor to it.

How many guys were in your group?

Where did you eat? Any recos?
It was either cheap pizza or super expensive Japanese. I don’t remember the names.

Did you spend a lot of time gambling?
Yes! About 2-3 hours per day at the roulette wheel.

Are you open to flirting while playing roultette/black jack, etc?
Only if I’m already winning and not focused on winning. But then again, I am a guy. The right girl can break my concentration.

What did you do during the day?
Gambled and went to pool parties – MGM Grand.

What were your favorite clubs?
Club XS at Encore was hands down the best club on earth.

Vegas for Guys

Let’s talk girls: How risqué do you like to see a woman dress? Can her outfit ever be too revealing?
Moderately risque if she has good body. If she’s out of shape please wear a burka. (JSG Note: Kill him. We’re just the messenger.)

Do you like for women to approach you? Or would you prefer to make the advances?
Women making the approach is a nice change-of-pace. I do enjoy the hunt, though.

What could a woman do in Vegas that would turn you off?
Get sloppy drink, talk about her boyfriend back home, or steal my wallet.

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