Valentine’s Day Gifts from Etsy

Valentine’s Day Gifts from Etsy

If you’re happy and in love, keep reading. If not, apologies and check back tomorrow when we resume our normally scheduled programing.

Etsy is the place for cute, meaningful and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are a few ideas we’re considering for our man.

Custom Couple Mugs, $21.95 for one.

Have you graduated to the sleeping-over, getting-bagels-and-coffee stage? Make Sunday mornings sweeter with these customized mugs. Bonus: they’re nice and big so you won’t have to get off the sofa to pour that second cup of Joe.

Personalized mugs-Valentine's Day Gifts

Customized Wallet Insert, starting at $15

Do you share a favorite song lyric or have a funny saying that only the two of you know? Of course you do. Immortalize it on a copper or aluminum card that he can slip into his wallet.

Valentine's Day gift for him personalized wallet card

Customized Guitar Pick, starting at $20

If he plays the guitar, this engraved pick will encourage him to write you a love song.

Valentines day gift for him customized guitar pick

Bicycle Chain Bracelet, starting at $10

I met my hubby through bicycling so I couldn’t imagine a more perfect gift for him. You’ll find versions of these bracelets at department stores for 10 times the price.

Bike Chain Bracelet-Valentine's day gift

Personalized Panties, $13.99

Because what guy doesn’t love seeing his name on your ass?

personalized underwear-Valentine's Day gifts

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