Vacation Beauty Checklist – Review Hair Removal Options & More

Vacation Beauty Checklist – Review Hair Removal Options & More


From prepping your base tan to reviewing your hair removal options, stand-out as a beach goddess this vacation by following our guidelines.

The tickets are booked and you’ve got a big red circle on your calendar accompanied by an all caps declaration of “VACATION!” As you start mentally preparing for your vacation, consult our handy beauty checklist to help ensure you are looking your best on your getaway.

Evaluate your clothes

It’s tempting to take the charge card and hit the mall as soon as you have the plane tickets booked, but resist the urge. Shop in your closet first. It’s easy to forget about what you already own, but chances are you have most of the basics covered. Using your vacation as an excuse for a shopping spree can land you with an oversized suitcase and an undersized wallet. Instead, focus on what you have and determine what you really need to get. Is your swim suit from last season in dire need of replacement? Are your tank tops looking a little washed out? If so, go out and score some new ones. Treat yourself to one specialty item– a new sundress you can wear to dinner, a trendy summer tote bag to carry on the beach or strappy sandals to wear along the boardwalk.

Prep your skin
Many women want to start their vacation with a base tan to best take advantage of pool and beach time and return with a rich, bronzed look. If you want to work on a base tan, avoid a tanning salon because of the potential dangers. Instead, opt for a sunless tanning cream or lay out in the actual sun with an SPF of 15 or higher for a few weeks beforehand. It’s also a good idea to moisturize your skin before a vacation. The harsh pool chemicals and hot nights can dry out your skin – plus you might be exposed to hard water at your hotel. So stay on top of your moisturizing before you leave, and pack a bottle for the trip as well.

Review hair removal options
Whether it’s your legs, your bikini line or your underarms, we all have places we struggle with keeping smooth. That’s because many of the hair removal products out there don’t live up to their claims. It’s important to review your hair removal options before your vacation and eliminate the risk of embarrassing hairs sprouting up on the beach. You can stick with your traditional shaving and waxing routine – just make sure you have a fresh blade and a full bottle of shaving cream packed in your suitcase (and don’t forget your razor will probably have to be in checked luggage). But more permanent hair removal products exist as well, that can allow you to enjoy vacation with less maintenance; try laser treatment ahead of time. Laser hair removal works by sending a beam of light energy into the pigment of your hair to disable it. Treatments take about three to six months—so start about the time you book your plane ticket. Laser hair removal offers the advantage of lasting results, meaning you’ll be free to enjoy your entire vacation without worrying about exposing stubble. The procedure can be performed by a professional, or you can purchase an at-home laser hair removal system to use in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Get ready for fun
No matter where you are headed, your vacation should be fun filled with adventures, good food and great company. Follow our tips to look and feel your best beforehand, and concentrate on having a wonderful time while on vacation.

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