Unlimited Rent the Runway

Unlimited Rent the Runway

Have you heard that Rent the Runway is offering an unlimited membership for $99 a month? If I had anywhere to go, I would totally do it! It’s like getting access to your most fashionable friend’s closet for under $1200 a year.  You get three items at a time–three dresses, three pieces of jewelry, three bags, or mix and match. You can keep them as long as you want, for that wedding or birthday party, or keep a favorite in your closet for weeks!

I've used Rent the Runway for vacations, parties and wedding. It was particularly helpful when I was pregnant and headed to a red carpet event (below), when I wanted to wear a fancy dress and look hot, but didn't want to drop the cash on a formal maternity dress I would only wear once.

rent the runway maternity

I also like the idea that I could get fabulous dresses in a range of sizes as I work on losing those last 10 pounds of baby weight (again!). I haven't bought any nice clothing in 2.5 years at this point and my wardrobe is worse for the wear.

There's a waitlist now for the unlimited membership, but I hope you do it! It's a pretty amazing bargain when you consider a single dress rental goes from $30 on up to $800. Let me know if you do it!

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