Unilever’s Rinse, Recycle, Reimagine Campaign

Unilever’s Rinse, Recycle, Reimagine Campaign

My interest in trash borders on obsession. I long for the day we don’t take our earth and her resources for granted. I’m not pointing any fingers–with two kids, I get that convenience often  trumps conservation efforts–but I still try to do the best that I can, including recycling whenever possible.

I find it shocking that one in five (22%) Americans wouldn’t walk across their home to recycle a bath or shampoo bottle? C’mon people. That’s lazy! (OK, maybe I am pointing fingers!) But you have to take it to the trash, anyway so why not take it to the recycling bin? 600 million plastic bottles are sent to landfills each year and those suckers take ages to decompose.

So maybe you don’t realize that plastic shampoo, body wash, and moisturizer bottles can be recycled. To raise awareness, Unilever, parent company to Dove, Simple, St. Ives, Suave and more, is launching the Rinse, Recycle, Reimagine campaign. Rinse is the quick rinse you need to give the bottles before you toss them the recycling bin. Recycle is self-explanatory. Reimagine is what that item you’re recycling can become–anything from a park bench to sleeping bag filler to car parts.


To show how you’re doing your part, Unilever is asking everyone to take photos of their bathroom recyclables and potential recyclables to Instagram and Twitter with #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps. You’ll be entered to win beauty products and some cool items made out of recycled products like an umbrella.

For more info, check out brightfuture.unilever.us.

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