Ultimate NYC Bag

If you still have not yet heard about or checked out Avelle’s Bag Borrow or Steal (we simply cannot imagine that – it was featured in the Sex and the City movie!) then maybe now you will take our advice and look into it. By using this site, you can wear any bag you’ve ever wanted without paying the hundreds or thousands for it, because you rent them for a fraction of the cost.

Even better, now Avelle is teaming up with the Bryant Park Hotel. If you are guest of the hotel, you can go on Avelle’s website, reserve one of their many beautiful items, and receive 25% off the rental fee. (We picked our favorites – Kooba “Celia” Bag for day and the Chanel 2.55 for night. In the city that never sleeps, two bags per day is simply rational!) The best part – whatever you rent from the website can be shipped to the hotel free of charge. Want to pack light? Just order from the website and when you get there, all of your luxurious items will be waiting for you! We hear Bryant Park and we think fashion week. This partnership will further recognize the hotel as a fashion-forward place to rest your head.

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