Twilight the Movie (Makeup) Review

Twilight makeup

We saw Twilight this weekend and thought it was fun, especially since the theater was brimming with tweeners (we brought two with us) and teenagers that squealed for Edward the whole time. We can’t help comparing it to Harry Potter because it’s geared to the younger set, Twilight star Robert Pattinson was in the Harry Potter movies and the flick is pretty tame. For better or worse, we learned one thing about ourselves and that’s that we like some raunch and gore.

If you want to sport your own Twilight look we got some scoop from the makeup artist, Jeanne Van Phue, who used MAC powders (Blot powder/pressed in Light pictured below) and shadows on both Bella and the vampires. We thought Edward’s pale skin was too pasty. It looked more like Edward Scissorhands and less like marble. We think Van Phue could have used something with sheen like MAC Strobe Liquid, which would foreshadow Edward’s diamonds-in-the-sun glow. We did love Bella’s natural makeup, especially the MAC shadow in Wedge (a soft muted golden beige taupe) she wore in Biology class.

MAC cosmetics

The fabulous Jenny at Sephora’s Beauty and the Blog dished that Van Phue used Benefit lip colors on set, one for humans and one for vampires. Bella wore Benefit’s Silky Finish Lipstick in Good-to-Go (a cream/plum brown) and Edward and his family wore Ms. Behavin (a cream deep dark plum purple). We’ll be looking for these at Sephora since we’re still wearing purples.

pink lipstick

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