Travel Toothbrush – New Find

Robert Verdi's Luxe Labs

Over Fashion Week, we were invited to one of of favorite places in the universe, Robert Verdi’s Luxe Labs. While there, we were got to do everything from get a mani next to Miss J from America’s Next Top Model to preview the new Tarina Tarantino collection to learn about an ingenious new travel toothbrush, courtesy of CVS. Travel toothbrush is a bit of a misnomer, the Colgate Wisps are more of a go-anywhere disposable toothbrush, like your gym bag, your carry on or your cocktail bag on a night you think you may get lucky. The miniature toothbrushes come individually sealed, four to a pack, contain toothpase, can be used without water and have a pick on one end that can be used when you don’t have floss handy. The Colgate Wisps won’t leave your mouth as fresh and clean as a Sonicare would, but it sure beats putting toothpaste on your finger.

Wish they had these babies when we were single!

travel toothbrush

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