Tracy Reese Spring ’09 Backstage

We were able to sneak backstage after the dreamy Tracy Reese show. Here’s Tracy accepting her accolades from friends, family and fans. She deserves them! The dresses were so stunning and wearable, we wish we could live in a world where we could wear Tracy Reese dresses 24/7!

Tracy Reese
We ran into Mally Roncal who did the makeup for the show. Even though we’ve only met her a handful of times, she greeted us like an old friend, before dishing on the makeup look for the show. “The inspiration was ethereal, totally innocent and very girlie, but with a touch of toughness.” Mally accomplished the first part with eye and cheek color applied in a “C” so it ran together, in a pretty apricot color. The lips were an apricot shimmer gloss that will be in Mally’s line next spring. “I’ll probably call it Tracy,” she mused. To give the look edginess, Mally used black eyeliner on the inner rim of the lids and gave the models a strong brow.

Be sure to catch Mally on QVC tomorrow night (September 8), when she’ll be hosting a live show from 10 pm til midnight.

Mally Roncal
We got a kick out of the post-show carnage left on the makeup tables. Whomever said models don’t eat just haven’t seen them around free candy!

CarnageFor photos of the show and a review not quite as glowing as JSG’s, check out Coutorture.

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