Time’s a Changin’!

The Persistence of MemoryWe were pretty impressed with ourselves when we found out on a recent doctor’s visit that we have a Vitamin D deficiency. All those hard years of applying sunblock and sitting in the shade paid off! Of course, osteoporosis isn’t any sexier than sun damage, so we started taking Vitamin D supplements on a regular basis. And we found out from our dermatologist, the fabulous Dr. Doris Day, author of Forget the Facelift, that Vitamin D not only boosts our bones and decreases our breast cancer risk, there’s a hidden benefit for us travelers as well: It reduces jet lag!

Dr. Day recommends taking 2,000 iu when you’re at home and 3,000 iu when you’re traveling, starting the day you leave.

Not flying cross country anytime soon? This nifty trick will also come in handy when we set our clocks ahead an hour this Sunday!

If all this talk of time has you wanting a new watch, when we got the Burberry catalog, we flagged the page for this men’s watch!

men's watch

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