Threading: Review of Sun Maita At-Home Threader Kit

Threading: Review of Sun Maita At-Home Threader Kit


First off: I’ve never tried salon threading. I’m not a very hairy person to start with–my bigger issue with my eyebrows is penciling them in everyday, not plucking them. Given that, I might be an unusual person to test out the new Sun Maita At Home Threader Kit, but I did and I have to say: I’m completely addicted. It has become my new SSB (Secret Single Behavior a la Charlotte staring at her pores in Sex and the City).

The kit comes with the threader doohickey, Feel Less lotion to numb the skin, chalk to make the hair more visible pre-threading and the Closer to sooth and cool skin. When you use the Feel Less lotion you don’t feel a thing. Even without it, the pain is minimal.

After meeting the founders Anita Sun and Sara Maita, both licensed aestheticians last week, I decided to give this centuries old method of hair removal a try. On Sara’s suggestion, I used it to remove the peach fuzz along my jaw line. The hair itself is very blond and never bothered me much, but as Sara pointed out, it’s not the hair, it’s the shadows it casts off. The threader was easy to use, didn’t hurt and best of all, my skin wasn’t irritated in the slightest, which is saying a lot for a fair-skinned girl like me. My foundation goes on so much smoother now.

Other benefits of threading include: reduced hair regrowth, it doesn’t tug the skin like waxing would, lasts up to four weeks and prevent ingrown hairs.

Our only problem with it: Anita and Sara, both pros, say they can remove a single, targeted hair with the threader. We have yet to master that skill and until we do this baby’s not going anywere near our brows.

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