Third Annual Bachelorette Party Month

Third Annual Bachelorette Party Month

Today marks the kickoff of our 3rd annual bachelorette party month where we share ideas, themes and destination ideas all to help you or your friends say goodbye to singlehood in style.

Robyn's bachelorette

Today comes from our friend Robyn Moreno, who got hitched less than two weeks ago. At her bachelorette party (part of which took place on a boat, above), as part of the pre-party, her sister and bridesmaid asked us to answer four questions ahead of time:

How did we know the bride? (Pictures commemorating the occasion, like the one top, were encouraged.)

What’s the naughtiest thing the bride has ever done in our company?

What makes us think of the bride?

How we would describe the bride and groom in three words

At dinner, we mixed them up and read everyone else’s answers. It was a great ice breaker and a lot of laughs!

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