The Liquid Strength Six Week Challenge

That’s me! After 3 weeks at the gym, I’m starting to see the tiniest hint of definition in my arms.

After years of not belonging to a gym, I finally rejoined Equinox to start getting my butt in shape. My goal is to tone up my flabby arms and actually see muscle definition in my thighs again. At the very start of my quest to get in shape, I stopped by Story Von Holzhausen’s Liquid Strength Class.

Story is a busy new mom who created the class for women who want to get in shape fast–fast because they don’t have time to fool around. (You can check out her exercise videos on YouTube.) By the end of the class, not only were my butt muscles burning, I was so inspired by Story’s positive attitude, I found myself signing up for her 6-Week Challenge, without even really knowing what was involved. I just know I want to be in shape for our trip to Miami on April 8 and Story seemed like just the woman to get me there. 

The 6-Week Challenge kicked off on Monday with three days of clean eating, meaning no processed foods (crackers, cookies), grains, dairy, booze or excess sugar. I’m personally committing to going to the gym 3 times a week (for Story’s class, Pilates, and body conditioning classes).

Check back in weekly to hear my progress. For more specifics on the Challenge and Liquid Strength, check out Story’s blog.

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