The Best Workout for Killer Arms

yoga girls

Just yesterday morning, we were chatting with our friend Robyn about the best way to get toned arms: We both agree, nothing gives you arms to rival Michelle Obama’s like yoga. There’s something about all those chatarungas (a modified push up) and upward and downward facing dogs that builds biceps and triceps like no other exercise we’ve tried—including lifting weights (we’re talking 5-8 pounders). And you know you need those killer arms for upcoming spring break sundresses and halter tops!

If you’re new to yoga and live in NYC, a great way to lose your yoga-virginity is to head to the YogaWorks Soho this Saturday for “Get Your Dance On”. The night features DJ Dhundee at the “shoe and spectator free” dancing area. If you’re more into chilling out, lounge on a pillow and enjoy cello and dijeridoos players or sweat it out in the sauna.  HobNob wine, Divine Chocolate and Katalyst Kombucha will be served. (Just don’t drink and sauna!) Included in the $20 ticket price (for newcomers) is a free week of yoga at the studio. Already a YogaWorks members? Entry to GYDO is just $10. All proceeds go to Housing Works.

Don’t live in NYC? Try one of the YogaWorks DVDs at home.

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