The Beauty Bloggeratti’s Favorite Self Tanners

Headed somewhere tropical in the next few weeks? We polled the Daily Makeover Beauty Bloggerati on their favorite self tanners. Even if you don’t have a spring break planned, a little self tanner can help get you through these last dark days of winter.

Bailey from Makeover Momma
In the past, it was always the “classic” Jergens Natural Glow. Every time I would try to be daring and attempt a new formula or brand, I would go back to the this affordable, drugstore classic. However, since my skin doesn’t take well to self-tanner in  general, I love mixing a little bit of body bronzer (like Du Wop Revolution with SPF 15) with some shimmer cream (like Nivea Silky Shimmer Lotion) to get a light glow.

jergens self tanner

Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie says:
My favorite is the pricey but fabulous Guerlain Tinted Self-Tanning Gel. It’s formulated with Argan Oil so it goes on smoothly, moisturizers and never streaks and yields a believable tan, instantly.

self-tanning gel

Daneen from Spoiled Pretty says:
ModelCo Body Meringue Bronze Glow is an instant bronze shimmer and gradual self-tanner, in a mousse formula. This weightless foam firms the skin while offering a light buildable, natural tan. After smoothing the foam on, a light instant bronze appears so you can see exactly where you’ve applied. And over the next few hours, your tan gradually deepens. The best thing about Body Meringue, IMO, is its skin firming properties; it contains an ingredient that helps minimize the appearance of cellulite. Can you even? And if you want to kick your tan up a notch, mist on ModelCo’s Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiserover tanned skin for a sparkly effect. My little secret tip is to spray it in your hair, which looks beyond amazing on all hair colors!

self tanner

Sarah from Hair Thursday says:
I love Lancome Flash Bronzer. It gives my fair skin a nice golden glow without looking like a kumquat.

self tanner

Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels says:
My favorite is the Tan Towel.  I found that the towel is an easier way for me to apply self-tanning product evenly. If you move too quickly while applying, you will see untouched areas as your color comes in. Take it slow and you’ll have a beautiful, streak-free tan start to appear in just 3
hours!  I especially love that the Tan Towel doesn’t have an icky odor that many self-tanners have. Read Tammy’s full review.

Marlena from Makeup Geek says:
My favorite is the St. Tropez Tanning Mousse- it leaves the skin a nice bronzed color instead of orange, and it doesn’t smell bad like several other tanners do.  It dries pretty quickly, so you need to
wear gloves, but the ending result is a nice dark natural looking tan!

self tanner

As for our JSG faves–we like the Clinique Self Sun Tinted Lotion. The tint makes it easy to apply–no missed spots–and the color is a gentle golden brown.

self tanner

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