Tarina Tarantino’s Jet Set Playlist

We were so intrigued when Tarina Tarantino told us she had a “Jet Set Playlist” (Love the name!), we had to find out what’s on the mix. Looks like we have a lot of new tunes to download!

Come On Lets Go–Broadcast
Green Light–Cicada
Jet Society–Cordera Orchestra
Miracle (Bogdan Irkuk Remix)–Sally Shapiro
Pollution of the mind–Miss Kitten
Universal Traveler–Air
Silently–Blonde Redhead

The Operation–Charlotte Gainsbourg
Zap Zap–Cut Copy
Veridis Quo–Daft Punk
Walking Away–The Egg
AF607105–Charlotte Gainsbourg

The Sicilian Clan–Ennio Morricone
Peppermint Dream–J.D King
Le Mepris “Camille”– Georges Delerue
Sleep–The Dandy Warhols
After all this Time- -John Foxx & Harold Budd

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