Sun Care for Your Hair

Aveda Sun Care

We’re always preaching to you about the importance of slathering on your sunscreen; but we rarely mention your hair.  While your scalp is at risk for the same skin damage as the rest of your body, your hair is different: it can dry out, lose its color, and bleach out.

Aveda stylist, Maria Heille, recommends Aveda’s Sun Care line.  Before you spend the day outside, spritz on the Protective Hair Veil for hours of protection against the sun,  use the Hair and Body Cleanser to remove chlorine from the pool or salt from the sea, and try an After-Sun Hair Masque to restore the moisture to your hair after a day in the sun.

Don’t forget to pack a hat on your way to the beach too!  It’s a full proof way to block the harmful effects of the sun.

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