Summer Travel Trends

Summer Travel Trends

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The Bing Travel Fareology Team just released its study of summer travel trends. Unless you’ve been hiding out, you know fuel prices are sky high and climbing which doesn’t serve any of us travelers well. With airfare prices rising 15% and hotels 7%, we need to find creative ways to beat the heat. Here are some helpful tips for jetsetgirls when you’re planning your summer getaway:

Off-Peak Dates Save You Money: The cheapest week to travel this summer is May 30 to June 5, with domestic airfare averaging $518 for a round trip ticket, and the most expensive week is June 27 to July 3, averaging about $595.

Travel Away From the Crowds: Among the cheapest destinations is Orlando, with average airfare coming in at $300 and average hotel prices at $107. There are also deals to be had on flights to Boston, which average $307 and Denver which average $316.

Vegas, Baby: Another good option is Las Vegas, with some of the lowest rates ($100) on three-star accommodations. Flights from Dallas to Las Vegas have actually decreased (-39%) and flights from LA can be found for $132.

Miami ($158) and San Diego ($181) also have cheaper three-star hotel options which can help offset the flight costs to those cities, which are up 11-12%.

Three-star hotels in Cancun, Mexico are actually a few percentage points down this year compared to last summer, with three star hotels averaging $145. Flights to Cancun are also cheaper this year from certain airports; Boston ($468), Dallas ($459), Chicago ($421).

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