Summer Barbecuing Tips

Summer Barbecuing Tips

Firing up the ‘cue for Labor Day? Barbecuing does not have to be strictly about hot dogs and hamburgers. We think you can class and sass it up for the diva inside you, whether you are entertaining for girls, couples, or family. We have some ideas of how to upgrade the typical manly summer barbecue to something a bit more feminine and fun!

Let’s start with appetizers; something very easy and delicious is crostini (a bit fancier than the classic chips and dip!). Plus you can mix it up and put basically anything on them which is good for friends who have food limitations i.e. vegetarians. Some ideas are prosciutto and basil or olive and goat cheese.

Next and most important is the entree – how about skirt steak and lobster bites. If you’re feeling ambitious, go all out with the lobster by making lobster rolls with ingredients such as cucumbers and tarragon.

For dessert, skip the simple watermelon wedge and go for a more complicated scooped out watermelon with tons of fresh fruit inside.

As for beverages – try a mint flavored drink such as a Mojito or a Bellini, champagne and peach juice. If it’s going to be classy, paper plates are a no! Happy barbequing!

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