Stila Paint Your Pout Red

red lipstick

What better way to get your perfect red lip than with Stila’s new Paint Your Pout Red talking palette? The set comes with a lip brush, lip conditioner, and three shades of red, from a true berry, to a cherry red, to a deeper red. Push the button and a Stila artist chimes in to give you a minute long tutorial on creating a great red lip look. We were sceptical as to why you would need to hear directions, especially more than once; but we’ve played back the recording at least four times now over the past few days (first for amusement and later to follow the directions).

We thought the cool red shade (bottom right on the palette) was the most flattering. It’s also possible to combine the colors.

liquid eyeliner

Finish the look by lining your upper lid with Stila’s liquid eye liner. The liner’s felt tip applicator is easy to use and its small size makes it easy to handle. We didn’t need to spend as much time trying to even out the thickness or intensity of the color on our lids.

The Paint Your Pout Red palette is available exclusively at Sephora for $45. The Liner in black ($16) is available there as well.

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