Sponsored Post:Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Sponsored Post:Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Those of you under 30 are probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Those of you who have reached that milestone birthday know exactly what I mean.

If I have one skincare regret over the years, it’s that I didn’t pay enough attention to my neck, arms and hands. My décolletage and arms are starting to show damage with dark spots and a not-so-healthy looking pinker tone (I look like I’m wearing a tank top, even when I’m not-see above for photographic evidence), while my face is still pretty sun damage- and spot-free. I would say “luckily” spot-free, but I know it’s that way because of my diligent use of SPF and moisturizer and, in fact, has nothing to do with lady luck.

The Right Way to Care for Your Neck
As nearly any aesthetician will tell you, the skin on your neck and décolletage deserve the same TLC that you give the skin on your face. That means using sensitive skincare products if you have sensitive skin, including a daily moisturizer with SPF, like Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream with SPF 15, to prevent sun damage, and a rich nighttime moisturizer to restore and replenish skin like Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream.

I’ve learned to start putting on my moisturizer with SPF when I roll out of bed, right after I brush my teeth. (I generally shower at night.) That way I don’t forget and it has a minute or two to absorb before I put on my clothes.

Surprising Neck Irritators
Other irritations the skin on our neck and décolletage face are scratchy necklines, oversize statement necklaces that can trap sweat and even irritation from hair products. Always keep a fabric and neckline in mind when you’re shopping. Save the large jewelry for colder months and pay attention to the hair products you are using. To counteract any irritation and damage, sensitive skincare products are the way to go to help keep sensitive skin it’s healthiest.

If you’re a perfume wearer, you may want to skip spritzing it on your neck as fragrance is a number one irritant for sensitive skin. Instead, spray a little on your other pulse points like the crook of your elbow, your wrist or ankle.

Avoid using a grainy body scrub or aggressive peels on this delicate area. If you do want to exfoliate the area, try sensitive skincare products like Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes to lift dead skin cells for more revived and revitalized skin.

Try all these tips to have a healthier and young looking neck and décolletage. You’ll thank me later!

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