Sponsored Post: Stress and Travel

Sponsored Post: Stress and Travel

Much as I love traveling, the journey is rarely half the fun these days, no matter what mode of transportation you’re taking. If you fly, you have to deal with lines at security, lines to get on the plane and unpredictable delays, just to name a few. Even train travel isn’t exempt especially if you’re leaving from crowded and hectic Penn Station in NYC.

I thought I had finally figured it out on my recent babymoon, when my hubby and I drove to the shores of Eastern Maryland. What could be stressful about a car trip? Turns out a lot! Between picking up the rental car, packing, and, the worst part of any trip for me, dropping off my pooch at my in-laws for dog sitting, I was stressed out before we even got on the highway.

But while I may have been stressed, at least I wasn’t sweaty or stinky thanks to Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response. Turns out there are three main causes of sweat: activity, heat and stress. While the causes aren’t surprising, what is is that stress sweat smells the worst.

The Eccrine gland produces sweat caused by activity and heat; this type of sweat is 99 percent water. Stress sweat comes from this gland plus a different gland, the Apocrine gland, which releases sweat that’s 80 percent water and 20 percent nutrients (lipids & proteins). The bacteria that naturally occurs on our skin feeds off of the nutrients from stress sweat, which is what causes the odor. Ewwww!

That’s where the new Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response comes in. It has proprietary technology in the formula (BCD molecules) that actually trap the odor and lock it away, before replacing it with a fresh scent. One of the things I love most about this deodorant is its fresh, citrusy scent. The scent is just enough to energize you without attempting to cover up any sweat smells with an overwhelming fragrance.

Before you start worrying that you have to use a different deodorant on days that you hit the road or have a stressful day at work coming up, I’m happy to reassure you that Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response covers all three types of sweat and is 4x more effective against underarm wetness caused by stress than an ordinary antiperspirant.

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response will definitely be in my toiletries bag on my next trip—and already has a home in my medicine cabinet!

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear about your stress sweat moments! Share in the comments below or find me on twitter at @JSGAnne.

Want to find out more about Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response or anything about sweat? Check out the brand’s Facebook and Twitter (@SecretDeodorant) pages. Ready to try it out for yourself? Check it out at the P&G eStore.


Note: I have a relationship with Secret Deodorant

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