Sponsored Post: Special Occasion Beauty with Simple Skincare

Sponsored Post: Special Occasion Beauty with Simple Skincare


Over the holidays I had the chance to play around with a few different makeup looks. While the holidays are over, there’s always a special occasion around the corner (hello, Super Bowl party, Valentine’s Day, romantic dates). Here’s how I kept my skin glowing throughout!

Lash Look

I love fake eyelashes with a passion! That’s me on the above left celebrating Hope’s birthday pre-Christmas. Falsies are the easiest way to create a dramatic and sexy eye look. My trick to getting them on is to let the glue dry for at least 30 seconds before I even attempt to apply them and to look down into the mirror when I do.

If you’re not a regular lash wearer, what you may not know is that taking them off can be almost as hard as putting them on. The glue is so sticky and tacky it can stay on there for days if you don’t have the right remover. One I love is Simple Eye Makeup Remover. It’s strong enough to remove the glue, but never oily or greasy, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.


Bright Lip Look

Just as fun as a full on lash look, is a bright lip look, which I wore on New Year’s Eve. I like hot pink because it actually looks a little younger than a full on red lip (a concern once you’re over 30!). The key is to use a lip scrub first to make sure there aren’t any lip gunkies stuck to your lips that will make the lipstick go on uneven.

Just like with the false eyelashes, getting the lipstick off can also be a challenge, particularly when it’s a bright color and/or a matte formula. When I need to remove lipstick, I reach for Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. They remove all the lip color, so it doesn’t stain my pillowcase and won’t irritate the delicate skin on my lips.

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