Sponsored Post: Simple Stress Relief

Sponsored Post: Simple Stress Relief

A walk with my hubby and my dog always help relive stress.

I’ve been in the middle of a kitchen redo for three weeks now with at least another three weeks to go. That means I have to eat out or order in for every meal (that got old after the first week!) and my living room looks like an episode of Hoarders with all the contents of our kitchen, including my refrigerator and stove, creating an obstacle course. Add to that the workers traipsing in and out of the apartment and the dust that has been kicked up and…it has been a stressful month!

I believe that much in life can be cured with a mix of three things: fresh air, a loving touch and lots of water.

For the first one, I’m lucky enough to live down the block from the Cloisters, one of the most naturally beautiful spots in all of New York. I take my dog, Spencer, for a long walk every morning and for a second one when all the construction noise gets too much for me and/or him. I love seeing all the flowers and the birds and Spencer enjoys it, too. I personally believe that the fresh air and getting my heart rate up helps revitalize my complexion.

As for the loving touch, let’s just say I’m happily married and reading 50 Shades of Gray and leave it at that!

Now onto the lots of water. I know that when I’m suffering from dehydration, I’m tired and that only leads to more stress. I’m a huge fan of seltzer, which cures dehydration from the inside. For my outside, I rely on the moisturizers from Simple Skincare. The Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On in particular is a quick fix to puffy or tired eyes. It goes on cool with cucumber extract and glycerin and pro-vitamin B5 to fight off dehydration.

Now, if only my special order cabinets would arrive, my life would be 100 percent back to normal!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.

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