Sponsored Post: Saving Strategies During the Holidays

Sponsored Post: Saving Strategies During the Holidays


No matter how determined I am to stay on budget during the holidays, it’s tempting—and oh, so easy—to go over budget. I’ve learned throughout the years to spend money on the things that matter and cut back on the things no one will notice. Read on for my money-saving holiday strategies.

Smarter Shopping

• When you’ve crossed one person off your gift list, stop shopping for him or her. I know that sounds simple, yet so many times, I’ve been suckered in to buying a last minute gift at the register that wasn’t on my list because it was cute (Hello, miniature book of cheery quotes or pricey box of 4 chocolates). People really appreciate one, well-thought out gift more than a bunch of little things.


• I’ve learned through the years that it’s better to fulfill a want or a need than to go off the charts with a wacky gift, like the hot pink earmuffs I gave my sister-in-law one year. Women, in particular, will appreciate a gift they can actually use. A smart idea is to introduce your friends to a favorite skincare line. Mine is Simple Skincare; the gentle, fragrance-free products are appropriate for a range of skin types. Your friend who is on the go will love the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes; your friend who is always out late will appreciate the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On; and Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer is a universal pleaser.


Strategic Entertaining

• Skip the cheese plate and go for spreads and dips instead. A white bean hummus dip topped with a slice of sun-dried tomato looks festive and is way less expensive than that pricey St. André. Plus it’s healthier for you and your guests!

• Stick to one cocktail at your party instead of offering up a wide selection. I like a Poinsettia: champagne mixed with cranberry juice. Have some domestic beer on hand for the guys.


Gift Giving

• My friends and I do a Yankee gift swap each year, which is a competitive grab bag of presents. It’s less expensive than buying everyone in your circle a gift, and you usually wind up with the thing you like best.


• Take advantage of Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day . You’ll never find me shopping on Black Friday (or Thanksgiving Day-yikes!), because I don’t have the stamina for the crowds. But I do appreciate a good online bargain. You’ll find lots on Cyber Monday (November 26) and the preceding weekend, and hundreds of companies offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery if you order on or before December 17.


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