Sponsored Post: How to Look Good in a Hurry with Zero Sleep

Sponsored Post: How to Look Good in a Hurry with Zero Sleep

Hard to believe my baby is 2-months old already! The past two months have simultaneously been the longest and the fastest of my life. Sleep deprivation does weird things to your mind!

It also does bad things to your skin. Fortunately, I know just the product to reach for every morning: my trusty Simple Skincare Revitalizing Eye Roll On. The little metal ball cools instantly and gives a quick massage to sooth tired under eyes.

As for the rest of my skin, the best I can do is take good care of it so it looks as good as possible without a lot of makeup. For me, that means washing every night with Simple Skincare Refreshing Facial Wash Gel; I like that it’s lighter for summer. I finish with Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer for nighttime and for daytime it’s Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15. Then I add minimal makeup: I slather on a BB cream, add a quick swipe of mascara and finish with my favorite eyebrow pencil. Even on the days when I’m at home alone with my baby, I find I feel better with glowing skin and a touch of makeup. It’s a universal truth that when we feel better we look better.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.

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