Sponsored Post: Getting My Skin Ready for Fall

Sponsored Post: Getting My Skin Ready for Fall

Last week was Fashion Week here in New York, and boy did I experience a rude awakening. I was a bit of a beach bum this summer with the footwear to match (read: flip flops). Well, after a week straight of running around in high heels from event to event, my calves were on fire! Seriously, I had to prop them up on a pillow when I went to sleep every night. That’s one of my less egregious pairs above.

As bad as my legs felt after a sudden change in attire, I realized my skin was not much better off after a summer with more sun exposure than is good for me. It was time for some drastic—but not so drastic that it would harm my sensitive skin—action. I developed my own skin soothing spa routine using my favorite products from Simple Skincare.

I start by giving myself a gentle exfoliation using the Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes. They are double-sided with a waffle-weave to help gently remove dead skin cells, like those on my sun-damaged skin. Then, I applied a thick coat of Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer before hopping in the shower, being careful not to get my face wet. The steam helps the moisturizer soak in and truly hydrate my parched skin. When I’m done with the shower, I gently wipe away the excess moisturizer with the same facial wipe.

To finish, I gently dab on the Simple Soothing Eye Balm for an instant pick-me-up.

Now that it has finally turned to fall here in New York, I plan on treating myself to this routine with Simple Skincare products once a week. If only I could figure out a way to make my heels more comfortable!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Influencer in the Simple® Skincare Program. Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.

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