Sponsored Post: Exercise Habits & My Skin


It has been three months now since I kicked off my 4-3-2 diet and exercise plan and I’ve definitely seen some benefits. (To refresh your memory, my plan is to exercise at least 4 times a week, drink no more than 3 times a week and have sweets only 2 times per week.) I’ve done pretty well on the first two and not so good on that last one. Sugar is a hard habit to kick! As planned, I did go ahead and treat myself to a new Missoni scarf, similar to the one above. I love it and wear it all the time!

Even with all my hard work, I’m stepping up my regimen now. My birthday is exactly a month from today and I’ve already planned a fab trip to Mexico with my co-editor, Hope, and our hubbies. There’s nothing like the thought of being seen in a bikini and turning another year older to get a girl motivated! On the plus side, exercising is easy for me, at least, especially at this time of year. I truly love being outdoors and the endorphin rush I get when I up my heart rate.

It also helps that it stays light out longer, because I can take my pup, Spencer, for long walks in the morning and the evening now. I’m also trying to sneak in more exercise when I can: whether it’s a set of push ups during that walk, getting off the subway a stop earlier to take in the sunshine or going for a stroll with a friend instead of a cocktail (yes, I actually do this!).

As a side benefit, the more I exercise, the healthier my skin looks. Immediately after a workout, I notice a healthy glow. Of course, I’m always careful to use sunblock beforehand if I’m going to be outside, making sure I get my face, décolletage and arms; I generally don’t workout with a face full of makeup and I try to wash my face immediately after a workout. When you wash your face more than once a day, it’s imperative to use sensitive skincare products. Cleansing can strip away your skin’s natural oils, but a sensitive skincare product like Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel will wash away sweat and grime without irritating your skin while giving it a cooling boost.

Sunblock is another toughie when it comes to sensitive skincare products. For everyday and for walking my dog, I like Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream with SPF 15, which, moisturizes and protects skin all day. Using a sensitive skin moisturizer with SPF saves a step in the morning to use a moisturizer with sunblock.

Want to find out the best sensitive skincare products and regimen for you? Take the free Simple Skincare Health Consultation. And if you have any tips on cutting out sweets, send them my way!

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