Sponsored Post: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

I can cross off one of the Sydney Lifepoints off my lifelong to do list: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. That’s me mid-climb a few years back.

A few words of explanation about the oh-so-attractive jumpsuit: You’re required to wear them for safety reasons (ditto the harness and sunglass leash) so nothing drops onto an unsuspecting pedestrian or driver below. The jumpsuits are gray so they–and you–blend in with the bridge, so as not to ruin the vista for everyone else not on the climb and so the drivers on the bridge arent’ distracted by sudden movements.

As far as the experience itself, as the photo above attests, you experience some pretty phenomenal views from the top of the bridge. There’s nothing quite like seeing all of Sydney, including the iconic Opera House from that vantage point.

Everyone wants to know if it was scary to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The three hour climb up the bridge was a little nerve wrenching, but not overly so. I would put it on par with riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World.

The only downside? I climbed on my birthday and the experience left me a little too pooped to enjoy the night. Of course, that could have been the jet lag and Champagne combo, too!

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