Spanx A Lot!

At our friend’s wedding last spring, a friend called us into the bathroom and lifted her dress to show us she was wearing Spanx. We were more shocked to find out that even the skinniest girl at the wedding had them on! Well, while we can certainly use the help, they can be a bit restrictive and they definitely aren’t sexy, even if they were Gwyneth’s choice post-childbirth.
We’re sure there a lot of Spanx fans out there so we’ll go easy on ‘em and share our fave Spanx product: their reversible tights. They’re a godsend for all those shorter than short dresses we keep praying will go out of fashion and reversible which means not only can you wear them on the brown side but also the black side, they’re extra warm, won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase and because they’re Spanx, they still make your legs look slim and trim. Move over, Heidi Klum!

Buy them here.

Update: Even Jessica Alba says she wears Spanx in February’s In Style. Wonder if that was prepregnancy?

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