Somme Institute: 5-Step Facial Care

facial care

The JSG make no qualms about shopping high and low end. We search the travel size aisle at Target before a girls’ trip for toothpaste, apricot scrub, and face masks. But we also love to pack a spa quality face care system like this one from Somme Institute. It contains the same products they use in the signature Vitamin Infusion Facial at the Mandarin Oriental spas around the world and it’s in a TSA worthy kit.

Unique to Somme is MDT5 (science talk: Molecular Dispersion Technology) which carries the products to the deepest layers of the skin. The 3 most important components of the system are the Transport pads (think Stridex for the JSG that exfoliate with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids), the Serum (with Vitamin C and MDT5 to reduce fine lines and brown spots), and the A-Bomb cream (with vitamins A and E and MDT5). The set also includes a cleanser, the eye cream, and the Defense Day Moisturizer with SPF 30.

We’ve spent the past six weeks testing the 5 steps (plus a bonus eye cream). Our skin is as smooth and soft as it’s been in the last 5 years. Miraculously, we never had a breakout while using Somme, not even the time of month when we always get a few spots. We were disappointed when the Transport pads ran out which was our clue that we need to move on to another product trial. This is one set we’d recommend highly and search out for ourselves.

The Somme Institute Mobile Kit is now available on JSG’s Open Sky Store.

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