Sofia by Sofia Vergara

Sofia_Vergara perfumeWhen Sofia Vergara creates a namesake fragrance you just know it’s going to be sexy. Sofia by Sofia Vergara doesn’t disappoint. The juicy floriental includes top notes of blackberry, sparkling cassis buds, and plum, mid notes of purple violet, Colombian rose and Colombian orchid and base notes of earthy woods, vanilla and sandalwood.
We had the chance to ask Sofia a few questions about her fragrance. Here’s what she has to say about the scent that is launching on HSN at midnight on tonight!
1.       How would you describe your fragrance in a few words? Irresistible, glamorous, amazing
2.       Who was it created for? I created the fragrance with all women in mind. Regardless of their age and ethnicity, I believe all women want to feel irresistible.
3.       Would both yourself and your Modern Family character, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, wear it?  Why or why not? Yes! Gloria embodies many elements of this fragrance. She is glamorous and confident, and at the same time has a vulnerability to her that makes her relatable.
4.       Besides your own, what are your go to fragrances and why? Whenever I travel to the Middle East, I pick up amazing perfume oils. I tend to go for fragrances that I can wear throughout the whole day. I like fragrance that both men and women appreciate, nothing too extreme.
5.       Fragrance is a beauty accessory, what are your other favorite accessories? I love a deep red lipstick, anything emerald, sky high pumps. Anything that makes me feel more glamorous.


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