Snow Bunny Pony

With a few ski trips coming up in our near future, we asked one of our favorite stylists, Sarah Rapport at NYC’s Bumble & Bumble for tips on how to work a pony on the slopes and at the bar, après-ski. Sarah’s tips:

Spritz on Bumble & Bumble Does It All to create some texture and hold. Part hair from middle of brow diagonally back to crown. Smooth hair tightly around head and secure a tight low pony behind the ear. It’s a good look with or without a hat for drinks by the fireplace a la Keri Russell at last year’s ‘s Sundance.

Or, for a post-hat pony, lightly mist Tonic Spray all over head to bring listless strands back to life. Apply Surf Spray (or other salt spray) at root to get some texture and grip at root. Take one inch sections and start teasing hair all the way down to the root with a fine tooth comb to give it some volume and life. Lightly brush top layer to smooth and polish. Pull back into a pony.

Whichever way you go, secure your pony, go with a band that’s close to your hair color. Then take a piece from the bottom of your pony and wrap it around the band. This will make your pony look sexy and elegant as opposed to gym rat or kindergartener-y.

Right on, Sarah!

Want a hat like Keri’s? We bought a couple of hats like hers this year. We love them, because they don’t flatten your hair like most hats will. Boden has a knitted hat in bright purple- a great jewel tone accent for this season and it’s on sale for $18!

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