Snog Balm

Snog Balm

lip balm

As avid smoochers, we wholeheartedly approve of the idea behind Snog Balm from Australia. Not your typical lip moisturizer, Snog Balm says it’s formulated to penetrate your lips, not sit on them. As our S.O. calls our current lip balm, “repellent”, this is good news to us.

We also love that each package features the story of a killer first kiss on the back. Here’s our fave:
“I was taking salsa lessons and every few minutes we had to change dance partners. I was very nervous about my dance steps and wasn’t paying much attention that my new partner was the hottest guy in class. When I finally looked up from my feet, he planted a Snog directly on my lips.”
Kelly Blane, New York

The only thing we don’t like about Snog Balm is how tiny it is. While at first we thought this was a plus–anything mini is usually good in our book–we lost our Snog Balm a bit too easily in our handbag. But maybe your purse is smaller than ours!

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