Shopping Concierge – Cynthia Rowley Charleston

Shopping Concierge – Cynthia Rowley Charleston

Shopping Concierge - Cynthia Rowley Charleston

One of our long time favorite travel secrets is to call the local Prada store for advice on the hottest restaurants and clubs. We’re updating that–at least for the next time we’re in Charleston–and changing it to the Cynthia Rowley store.

The store has a Charelston Style Hotline. The style hotline, according to Emalie Adcock, the PR person for the Charleston Cynthia Rowley store, “caters to those looking for styling advice, garment care questions, new items in the store, happenings around town (i.e. restaurant openings, art exhibits, etc.). We consult the New York office for lots of our inquiries and sometimes, Cynthia will even answer an email herself.”

Some of they common questions the store has received include:

“I’m going on a first date tonight. What do I wear to look sophisticated yet fun?”

“I’m from the south and have a 5:00 wedding in Boston. I’ve never been to New England for a wedding. What is the norm wedding attire up North? Can you make some suggestions?”

“Do I have to wear a suit to a job interview? Can you make some suggestions for alternatives. I hate suits — especially in the summer!”

To contact the hotline, call: 843-577-8013, email: or join the Cynthia Rowley Charleston Facebook Group and post questions to the wall. Emalie says they are regularly on the email and facebook page during work hours so they’re pretty quick to post answers to questions, new looks and happenings around town.

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