Sexiest Man Alive 2008: Hugh Jackman

It’s hard to argue with People magazine’s pick of Hugh Jackman and 2008 Sexiest Man Alive. What’s not to love about that chiseled chin, rugged scruff and piercing stare? We adore that Hugh has been married for 12 years and are a wee bit jealous that he wears fake tattoos, dresses up like a stockbroker and does an “80s-like hip-swiveling number” for the lucky b–ch. Guess there are more than a few benefits to being married to an actor.

Not to worry though, ladies, if for some unfathomable reason Hugh isn’t your type, there are plenty of hot guys in this issue, including James Bond (aka Daniel Craig); Ed Westwick, who somehow did get infinitely sexier over the summer; and Joshua Jackson, who will always remain Pacey in our hearts. People teases us with an online slide show of the sexiest men alive.

People Sexiest man alive
We don’t usually buy our magazines in print editions these days, but this issue is for sure a keeper. Aside from getting too many finger prints on our computer screen, we love that it has a special scratch and sniff section. No kidding! Find out what scent is Michael Phelp’s favorite: Surprisingly, not chlorine but L’Homme YSL.

people sexiest man alive
Finally with Playgirl ceasing publication, People‘s Sexiest Man Alive issue is the next best thing to get your heart racing!

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