Say It Ain’t So: Airborne Doesn’t Work

AirborneAs long time fans of Airborne, we were sad today to read that they will be settling a class action lawsuit for about $23 million on the grounds they falsely advertised that the product prevents colds. Maybe it was the placebo affect, but we really did believe that taking a dose on the plane helped us escape from some dicey situations (a particularly long flight home from Hong Kong when we were seated next to a nose picker comes to mind). Not to mention it settles a bloated or hungover stomach nicely.

The lawsuit was filed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, that same group of curmudgeons who ruined Chinese food and movie theater popcorn for us a decade ago. Couldn’t they have let us at least think we were doing something that worked? After all, a study came out today that found expensive sugar pills work better than cheap ones.

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