Sandals With Interchangeable Straps

Sandals With Interchangeable Straps

Don’t you hate trying to figure out what shoes to take on a trip? Shoes, especially strappy stillettos take up a lot of room in a suitcase, but how are you supposed to know when packing on a Thursday night what shoes you want to wear on Saturday. Well, file this one under “Wish We Thought of It First”: Jour et Nuit shoes have interchangeable straps that take the shoes from day to night. You simply swap out the upper and it’s as if you have a brand new pair of shoes.

We can picture ourselves in the daytime version in a convertible with our hair streaming in the wind on our way to lunch with Paolo, the cute Italian boy we met out dancing.

Then when we’re bored of Paolo and headed out to the hotel bar with the girls, we’ll magically change our shoes into this blinged out sassy version:

The Autumn shoe (shown) is marked down 50% to $287.50 on the Jour et Nuit website. It’s a bargain when you consider you’re getting two shoes in one!

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