Review Update: ZO Skin Health from Obagi

Last week we told you how we were starting a new skincare regimen, the new Anti-Age Jump Start Kit, ZO Skin Health from Obagi. The initial results were good: Our skin really was soft as a baby’s-you-know-what, just as Dr. Obagi had promised. This, despite the fact that we were a little flaky around days 3 and 4 and that we had a few breakouts. We wondered if this is what Dr. Obagi meant when he said we might not like the short-term results? To be fair, our skin does tend to get flaky and those breakouts could have definitely been from stress, our hormones or both.

We were at the beach for the weekend, so fell off the wagon a bit when it came to our skincare. We still followed the Obagi regimen in the evening, but somehow, washing our face and applying two other products in the a.m. seemed like a hassle when all we wanted to do was slather on our SPF and hit the beach.

Speaking of the beach, after a day sitting underneath an umbrella on the sand, his products didn’t have enough moisturizing oomph for us. We recognize that not every product is formulated for every situation (that’s why we have a medicine cabinet packed full of different moisturizers and serums), but this left us longing for something richer that would truly hydrate our thirsty post-beach skin.

Now that we’re back from the beach and wanting a pick me up for our skin for fall (our hair, too, but that’s a different post), we’ll get back to our Obagi Zo Skin Health Regimen, and continue to let you know how it goes!

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