Review: Redken Aerate 08

redkin volumizer

We’ve never met a volumizer we didn’t like, so when the new Redken Aerate 08 landed on our doorstep, we ran straight to the shower to wash our hair and test it out. Redken describes the unique product as an aerated cream with cellulose to plump up hair.

The cream itself is superlight, the jar doesn’t weigh more than an envelope, even when full. You can actually see air bubbles in the cream and when you scoop it out, it makes a fun popping sound a la Rice Krispies.

After blowing out our hair, it had MAJOR fullness that we’ve never achieved when styling on our own. The only downside, our hair was a little sticky as we used too much of the product. We’ve since refined the amount we use to about a quarter size dollop.

Our only other complaint about Aerate 08 is that the jar is short on directions, only saying to use on damp hair and blow dry. We apply it first to our roots, then work it through to the ends.

Our final verdict: Redken Aerate is a must have for any girl with fine, limp hair. It’s a shortcut to serious fullness and volume.

This review was based on a free sample.

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