Review: Gucci Fiat 500

Review: Gucci Fiat 500

Gucci FiatMy first reaction upon seeing the Gucci Fiat 500 was, “Wow! That’s a small car!” But as I quickly learned, bigger isn’t always better. Out of all the cars I’ve test driven, even the Ford Mustang, the Fiat was my favorite to drive around New York City. Its size is a solid advantage when it comes to zipping in and out of lanes, swerving to avoid potholes and parallel parking.

It’s trunk space was bigger than I expected. To be honest, I didn’t even think it had a trunk, but it does. I was surprised both the first and the second time I opened it. It was large enough to hold all our items from our trip to Target for staples like TP and paper towels. (Glamourous, I know!)

I never attempted to sit in the back seat. It was tiny and had minimal leg room. If I had to, I could probably swing it for 30 minutes, but definitely not for a longer road trip.

I did drive the Fiat on the highway from Manhattan to Connecticut. I was worried I would feel intimidated by the SUVS and other larger cars (basically everything besides the Fiat’s competitor, the Mini Cooper), but I was OK. That said, given that it was a weekend, traffic was moving at an even clip. I didn’t drive it on the highway in rush hour or on an hour+ trip

Gucci Fiat Seat Belt

The fun part about this particular Fiat is that it’s a Gucci version, with Gucci stripes on the outside and seat belts. I equally loved and hated that it was Gucci. The pluses are that it’s attention-getting and adorable. One person actually asked if it was “real Gucci”, which made me wonder if he thinks the sell knock off Gucci Fiats on Canal Street. The downsides are that I’m not a flashy label person to start with, I prefer my low key Oliver Peoples sunglasses to label heavy Versace’s any day and I would worry about parking this car on the Manhattan streets overnight.

All in all, I think the Fiat is definitely the right car for the city person who needs something to drive around town and for short road trips.

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