Review: Ford Mustang Convertible

Review: Ford Mustang Convertible

Ford Mustang convertible v6When was the last time that getting there was actually half the fun? For me, it was over the summer, when I had the opportunity to test the Ford Mustang V6 convertible.  I drove it on a weekend trip to the Hamptons and even sitting in traffic—with the top down, of course—was fun.

Much like with the Ford Flex, the car earned me a lot of looks. My favorite was from a dashing, Spanish gent who practically drooled over the sexy black car. As to be expected, with the V6 engine, the car has a lot of power. When I pushed down on the gas peddle, I could actually here it say, “VROOM!”

Ford Mustang convertible top downThe top was easy to put down, all you need to do is unlock the sides and push a button. I also appreciated the extras including the firewire port for your phone, Microsoft Sync system and aesthetic touches, like the lit up “Mustang” on the door of the car (below) The Ford Mustang convertible starts at an affordable $22,310.

Ford Mustang convertible door

The downsides to the car is that the backseat is pretty tight, especially when the top is up and it has rear wheel drive so it’s no practical in the snow and ice.

Learn more about the Ford Mustang.

This review was based on a free test drive.

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