Review and Giveaway: Wella Professional Care and Styling

Review and Giveaway: Wella Professional Care and Styling

Wella Professional’s new line of care and styling products make choosing the best products for your hair simple and easy. I had the chance to spend an afternoon with James Cornwell, Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Director at PR at Partners in D.C. who took my hair from flat to fab with Wella’s new products and color treatment.


Wella Professional Care
The shampoos and conditioners come in four categories: Brilliance, designed for color treated hair; Enrich, designed for dry and damaged hair; Balance for scalp care, and Age Restore for mature hair. (Note: Age Restore is perfect for those with long locks. The ends of your hair are much older than the roots!)  I used the Brilliance shampoo and the Enrich conditioning mask. First, the shampoo has the best scent bar none of any shampoo I’ve tested in years. It left my bathroom, heck the whole upstairs of the house smelling divine. More importantly, my hair was shiny and clean and not stripped or dry afterwards. The Enrich hair mask is thick and creamy. On sunny days, I leave this in my ends and twist my hair in a bun for a super conditioning treatment. The Wella hair care products are available in salons and are super reasonably priced for salon-quality (under $20 for a large bottle).

Wella Professional Styling
Since I’m concerned about damage from haWellair dryers and flat irons, I asked to try a protection spray. The Thermal Heat Protection Spray is the first thing I put on my hair after the shower. Not only does it make for an easy comb out, it protects my hair from heat styling. With summer fast approaching I also wanted to address frizz, so I’m using the Mirror Polish, which is a shine spray that holds down my crazy frizz too. Both are a good fit for summer, and make summer styling a cinch. James recommends the Thermal Heat Protection Spray first, then a rough dry, followed by the Mirror Polish and a round brush finish.

James used the revamped Koleston Perfect permanent color and the ammonia-free Demi-Permanent for my low lights. Both have worn well over the last month and I’ve only recently started to see the Demi color fade. I was especially impressed with shine and richness in my color. For those redheads out there: Koleston’s reds last 15% longer than before.

We have a week’s worth of Wella shampoos and conditioners to giveaway. If you’d like to try Wella, leave us a comment below and send your address to We’ll pick two winners this week.

This review was based on a complimentary service.

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