Reveal Med Spa Special Discount for June

Reveal Med Spa Special Discount for June

laser hair removal

In my ongoing effort to get beach ready and after my debacles with Brazilian bikini waxing and Nair; I’m taking the plunge into laser hair removal. I have had laser hair removal under my arms about ten years ago.  I only had two treatments, so I do still need to shave; but the hair is much thinner than before.  I realize laser hair removal is no quick fix and not cheap; but the results will last a long time if not permanently.  The lasers target hair follicles, injuring them with a series of light pulses which cause them to be unable to produce hair going forward.

I signed up for six treatments which are eight weeks apart and had my first treatment yesterday, with minimal discomfort.  The laser feels like a rubber band flicking your skin. The treatments get progressively more painful as they increase the strength of the laser on your third treatment. Just to be sure, I have a prescription for a numbing cream to use before that visit.

Have you tried laser hair removal before?  We’d love for you to share with your fellow readers.

For those of you who may be interested in getting your underarms lasered, Reveal Med Spa is offering 50% off Alase underarm packages through the month of June. Reveal is only in the DMV*; but if you’re elsewhere, check with your local med spas or your physician. Summer is a good time to get deals on laser hair removal.

* District, Maryland, and Virginia
This review is based on a press rate.

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