Purely Organic Facial at the Boutique Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown

Organic Facial

Last week I had the Purely Organic Facial at the Boutique Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown.

I’m always running late; but I was determined that on this visit, I’d follow the spa’s recommendation to come early and enjoy the facilities before my appointment. The spa at the Ritz is intimate; but not crowded. Arriving fifteen minutes early gave me plenty of quality time in the steam room and an exfoliating scrub in the shower. When I hit the treatment table, I was already relaxed.

My esthetician, Poy, began my treatment with some modified yoga stretches and light massage, then on to the facial: cleaning, steaming, moisturizing and applying a mask. I’m interested in organic products for the obvious reasons including they’re better for you skin and their production has less impact on the environment; but I’m also sensitive to scents. The ingredients in these products truly smell natural. Most memorable were the eye cream with French lavender and sunflower oil, the scrub with a papaya derivative, and the buckwheat mask with peach, apricot and mango butters.

I enjoyed my facial and my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards. I was particularly impressed with Poy’s professionalism and knowledge. She went beyond explaining the organic facial and gave me advice about my individual skin issues.

For starters, regarding the different areas on my face and why they breakout. I mentioned a spot on my forehead and she asked whether I’d been eating sweets. The answer of course was yes, since Halloween just passed. Poy said our foreheads breakout when we eat too much sugar. Similarly, breakouts around your jawline are likely stress induced, and around your mouth and nose are hormonal.

Poy also gave me advice about caring for my skin post waxing after I commented that I break out after getting my brows done. She explained that our hair follicles are stressed after waxing and they produce extra oil to sooth themselves, which can lead to blemishes. Her recommendation was to use an astringent three times a day for a couple of days post waxing to control the oil and keep the pores clean. I gave it a go and had better luck after my eyebrow wax with no issues.

After my facial I treated myself to lunch at Fahrenheit, where I had their special: seared sea bass and grilled shrimp in a champagne butter sauce (pictured below). What a satisfying finish to a great afternoon! I’ll be coming back to the Ritz-Carlton spa to see Poy this winter and I’ll be staying for smores by the fireplace.

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This review was based on a complimentary service. The delicious lunch was on me.

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